Care Info

Washing instructions may vary depending on the material used in the garment. Therefore, please follow the instructions printed on the garment label to maintain the quality of the fabric and extend the life of your garment.

Hand wash, warm.
Machine wash, warm.
Use only non-chlorine bleach (when needed).
Do not iron.
Do not dryclean.
Do not tumble dry.
Line dry/hang to dry.
Do not bleach.




Q: Where can I purchase Glamorise bras and shapers?

A: There is a list of merchants in the WHERE TO BUY section of our website. Click here to locate a merchant.

Q: How do I measure my bra or girdle size?

A: Please use the online size calculator that is available on this site to help you determine your suggested Glamorise size. The calculator walks you through each sizing step and provides full do-it-yourself instructions. Click here to calculate your Glamorise size.

Q: Do you have a catalog?

A: Our products are available through most major mail order companies and many Internet merchants. We do not offer a consumer catalog, however, you can view our entire product collection on our website.

Q: Why are colors or products discontinued?

A: We introduce and discontinue products and colors in response to feedback from customers. We periodically offer new and updated fabrics and fashion colors in response to consumers’ requests and suggestions.

Q: Why don’t you offer more colors?

A: Most of our customers request white, café and black products to match their existing wardrobe. However, we do offer new and fashionable colors in some of our more popular styles to give you more options. When new colors are introduced, we call attention to the new color on the web site with this banner:

Q: Why do merchants tell me a product is discontinued when it is still available?

A: Each of our catalog and Internet merchants present their own selection of the Glamorise collection. We encourage you to check our website for the most accurate product availability.

Q: Why do different Glamorise bra styles in the same size fit differently?

A: Our bras are made of a variety of fabrics,with different amounts of stretch and rigidity to address the needs of many types of body shapes. Also, certain constructions (like underwires) are fundamentally different in how they fit a women’s body. Please visit our Fit Solutions to identify why a certain bra style may not be working for you.